Layou, St. Vincent

Bambereaux Estate

A Blissful Fusion...

Bambereaux Estate is a blissful fusion of peaceful solitude, calm waters lapping the shore and fiery sunsets that rejuvenate the soul, packaged in 25 acres of secluded beachfront and gently sloping woods.

It is located on the west coast of mainland St. Vincent – also referred to as the Leeward side.

Vehicular access whisks you along a progressively wooded pathway that can easily be transformed into a nature-lover’s delight with the right landscaping.

For those with a penchant for marine travel, the estate’s cove formation offers perfect yacht mooring, so you can arrive in nautical style!

A 3-Acre Beachfront

Like all beaches on the Leeward side of St. Vincent, Bambereaux Estate’s three-acre beachfront is made of glistening black sand – hinting to the island’s volcanic origins – which gently slopes into the sea. The tranquility of the land also extends to the sea, making it well-suited for activities such as sailing, kayaking and paddle-boarding.

A dive below the surface will reveal colourful reefs and an abundance of marine life that will satisfy snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts alike. It’s also not unusual to catch a glimpse of frolicking dolphins in the distance.

Bambereaux Estate offers uninterrupted hilltop views, invigorating ocean breezes and an exclusivity that makes it ideal for investments such as private luxury villas, a high-end/boutique hotel or a health & wellness resort.

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