Ottley Hall, St. Vincent


A Blissful Fusion...

Situated one mile north of capital city Kingstown, the Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard is the sole occupant of Ottley Hall Bay, where it is estimated that 95 per cent of all marine traffic travelling to the north and south of the island passes within full view of this 38-acre property.

Facing due west, Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard lies on flat terrain between two hillsides-one of which is comprised entirely of quarry stone. There are two checkpoints leading into the facility and the entire land-ward side of the compound is fenced. A natural fully flanks one side of the property, which – along with well- constructed drainage throughout – avoids flooding when there is heavy rainfall.

Operations at the facility commenced in the second quarter of 1994 and, to date boast a wide range to services. Namely, A Dry Dock (of graving dock design) that is 212 ft long, 38 ft wide, 17 ft deep – and can accommodate vessels up to 1,000 tons. It also features a motorized extendable shed that can completely or partially cover dry-docked vessels, making it the only of its kind within the Caribbean region

A Full-Featured Marina

  • A 30-ton Travel Lift which can lift vessels up to 75 ft in length.
  • Fully concreted three-acre storage apron that can hold up to 150 yachts.
  • 1,700 ft marina which allows for the mooring of vessels up to 270 ft long.
  • Full-equipped carpentry and metal workshops, each with ample storage for materials.
  • Extensive sandblasting, ­fibre glassing, welding and painting services.
  • A 30-ton crane and forklift.
  • Fueling services available for vessels up to 270 ft in length – with an on-site fuel storage capacity of 4,000 gallons.
  • 40,000 square ft of space that can be used for offices and warehousing.
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St. Vincent & the Grenadines consists of a mixture of approximately 32 inhabited and uninhabited islands, islets and cays – totalling 150 sq. miles (389 square km).

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