Seclusion and Exclusivity...

There is a seclusion and exclusivity that is inherent to the north-eastern corner of Bequia, and this Crown Point property is no exception to that rule.


The tranquility and solace derived from this are qualities highly sought after by investors and developers who specialize in high-end residential or eco-tourism-based developments


Comprised of three main land parcels the total approximately 3.6 acres, the property ranges in topography from gently sloping to steeply sloping and boasts a well-maintained network of concrete roads. There are also natural gutters that readily drain surface water, so there is no rick of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

A Nature Lover's Dream.

Crown Point is already sub-divided in lots, which makes this property ideal for luxury homes and villas, an upscale gated community or even a boutique eco-lodge/resort. The area is newly emerging as a residential one – previously undeveloped land-therefore, the site is uncontaminated and free from environment hazards. 


There is also adequate electricity and telephone service installed underground, allowing visitors/residents to enjoy the lush greenery without the intrusion of wires and cables. With the subtly sounds of trees gently bristling in the wind and birds calling in the background by day and excellent views of the star-studded sky and distant waves crashing by night, Crown Point is a nature lover’s dream.


Great things often come in small packages!

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