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Aftercare Services

i. Overview of Services
  Invest SVG regards the After Care Services Unit as one of our core functions in serving the investment community. We work towards the facilitation of greater ease of doing business in our country for businesses already established in the country. The post investment support services of Invest SVG are geared towards contributing to the business environment that will lead to further reinvestment and economic development.
  Our services aim to deliver high level of professionalism where St. Vincent and the Grenadines is viewed as a safe and reliable alternative jurisdiction for foreign direct investment. Invest SVG works with the investment community and other key stakeholders in improving the investment climate by establishing mutual respect, trust and long term relationships. Some of the benefits which will accrue include greater profit generation, technological innovation, and the transfer of skills and techniques.

Our Business Facilitation Services Officers Professionals in the department will provide you with necessary advice and aid in the provision of post establishment services to the investment community. Our services create strategic linkages and partnerships within the public and private sector which will benefit our investors. Our aftercare services include:


ii. Policy Advocacy
We indentify and advocate for the removal of key barriers in the legislative and procedural bottlenecks that adversely affects the inward investment process and keep the investor informed of the advocacy process.
iii Linkage of Services
We provide assistance in bridging the gap in identifying suppliers of goods and services for the investment community.
iv Provision of Information

Key to our services is the provision of a reliable a source of information for the investment community which will aid them in their decision making process. We advise investors of any changes in the economic development policies or procedures in the country.

We also advise on available appeals or process relative to unfavorable decisions or actions. Our services also include a published newsletter that keeps the investor community informed of developments and of success stories both okay and overseas.
v Administrative Guidance

We provide assistance for support and advice to our investors on issues which may be affecting the successful operations of their business. Such assistance includes labour and human resource concerns, training, accommodation, and the sourcing of business partners.
Assistance is provided in obtaining the necessary licenses, permits and approvals in meeting government regulatory requirements.
vi Investor Participation
  Our investors form a part of the development of al of our sectors and thus have a valuable contribution to make to our national discussion and policy platform. Investors are invited to participate in both our inward and outward.
vii On Site Visits
  We engage our investors directly through regularly scheduled site visits this proactive approach facilitates the early detection of any impediments to our investors. Our officers’ interface promotes our guiding philosophy of providing a reliable support service that is built on trust.


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