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St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a unique, multi-island destination within the Caribbean which offers broad appeal both to travellers and investors.  For the investor, the country has a plethora of investment opportunities in eco-tourism, marine tourism and hotel development.

Environmental concerns influence the way many people travel. This simple fact has significantly impacted on the growing demand for eco-friendly vacations. The unspoiled beauty, rugged terrain, fine-sand beaches and coral reefs lend themselves to a wide range of outdoor activities. With its rich biodiversity of indigenous plant and animal life, the islands offer a captivating appeal to the eco-friendly traveller.

Marine Tourism
The Grenadines are regarded as the yachting Mecca of the Caribbean. The pristine waters of the Grenadines embrace some of the best snorkeling and diving sites the world over. Through their uniqueness, each island of the archipelago presents enticing investment opportunities in underwater tours, water taxi services and water sport.

Hotel Development
There are numerous opportunities for hotel development throughout the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Properties scheduled for tourism and hospitality development include over 600 acres on Bequia and the 99 acre Chatham Bay Estate on Union Island. Invest SVG will be more than happy to provide details of these opportunities and assist with the investment process.

The table below shows areas available for investment development.


Open To Investment


St. Vincent

Mount Wynne/ Peter’s Hope Estate


400  plus acres on the leeward side of the island

Orange Hill Estate

89 acres located on  the windward side of the island

Diamond Estate

21 acres located on the windward side of the island

Ottley Hall Estate

5 acres, includes shipyard and marina

Petit Byahaut

52 acres, located between Pembroke and Clare Valley on the leeward side of the island.

Botanic Gardens

Oldest botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere, - Open to investment by the Government of SVG.


Park Estate, Bequia

600 plus acres

St. Hilaire Estate, Bequia

45 acres

Spring Estate, Bequia

45 acres

Chatham Bay, Union Island

99 acres of white sand

Petit Mustique

Privately held island, just south of  famous Mustique

Frigate Island, Union Island

450 acres of sea bed available for marina development, just off Union Island


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