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Creative Industries

St Vincent and the Grenadines creative industry is one of the key income generators for the local economy. The industry includes:
1. The Music Industry, including the recording, live performance and music publishing.
2. Film and Television, including on-location productions.
3. The Book and Magazine Publishing industry
4. The Performing Arts
5. The Visual Arts
6. Festivals and Cultural Tourism
7. Fashion
8. Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights

The emerging creative economy has already begun a leading component of economic growth, employment, trade, innovation and social cohesion in most advanced economies.

The Creative industries in St. Vincent and the Grenadines contribute to the employment generation through new enterprise development in the entertainment and related sectors.

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines value the music and entertainment sector as a sustainable developmental contributor to SVG. Our focus on this sector will continue as a part of our diversification approach where optimal financial benefits will be realized from our intellectual property.

A major social impact of the creative industries is their contribution to employment. It should be noted that creative industries are both knowledge intensive, requiring specific skills and high-level qualifications of their workforce and, labour intensive, especially those with a high concentration of creative inputs, as occurs, for example, in theatre or film production.

II. Film
St. Vincent and the Grenadines possesses a natural landscape and seascape, and is one of the last un-spoilt locations in the world. Its many well preserved historical sites and buildings make it ideal for epic  historical films. The recognition of such qualities made St. Vincent and the Grenadines the natural choice of Disney’s Film makers for the block buster movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
III.  Music

In economic terms the cultural industry sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy. Best estimates value the sector at 7% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product and forecasts are put at 10% growth per annum.

The music sub-sector is by far the most vibrant sector of the cultural and creative industries in SVG, and is comprised of recording and performing vocalists, musicians, music producers, steel bands and other ensembles, choral groups, and personnel providing representation and technical support such as agents, recording engineers, designers, and providers of equipment services. The main musical genres are calypso, raga-soca, jab jab reggae, hip-hop, American pop.

St Vincent and the Grenadines has a reservoir of talent within the music industry along with good quality studios, skilled producers that have the capability to produce music and artist management services.

With the advent of technology, there has been a proliferation of recording studios, which has in turn enhanced the quality and numbers of recordings. The success of Vincentian artists such as Kevin Lyttle and Jamesy P has raised the international profile of the domestic music scene and created a sense that there is a unique Vincentian ‘sound’.

Music and entertainment is currently centred on the annual carnival “Vincy Mas”, but with the crossover of Caribbean soca into the musical mainstream, investment opportunities exist for producing and marketing this increasingly popular music.

Vincy Mas is an important contributor to the music industry, since much of the production capability that exists domestically is a result of this large-scale event. Vincy Mas has also created a domestic and international market for Vincentian music and offers an opportunity to showcase local styles and talent

IV. Fashion:

There is vibrancy within the fashion industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are high capabilities in artistic and creative productions in the industry and there exist opportunities for investment including production designs, modelling, jewellery, apparel, fashion accessories and jewellery.

The industry continues to grow as there has been a growing interest in the fashion and accessories sub-sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with recent participation in New York Fashion Week, Jamaica (Caribbean Fashion Week), the Miami Fashion Week, Trinidad Fashion Week, Grenada, Barbados (including Barbados Fashion Week), St Kitts, BVI, Bahamas, and the Caribbean Gift and Craft

V. Visual Arts and Craft

The international trade in visual arts and crafts was valued at US$23.2 billion in 2005 and according to the Creative Economy 2008; report arts and crafts are the only creative industry where developing countries have a leading position worldwide accounting for 60% of total world exports of creative goods.

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines there is a skilled workforce that produces high quality products. The visual arts and crafts represent the largest cultural sub-sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and represent the area of greatest growth potential and investment.

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